I warmly welcome to my website, where you can get acquainted with my astrological services. For over a dozen years, as a professional astrologer, I have been developing professional horoscopes and astrological analyses and providing advice for individuals and couples. I enrich my astrological analyses with extensive psychological knowledge and help in the development and formation of emotional intelligence. Additionally, I also provide business astrology services – support in recruiting and motivating employees, harmonizing team relations and development of company’s strategy. My analyzes help in making the right business decisions. Therefore, I heartily encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of services provided, as well as to send your questions, comments or suggestions – I read all emails and would like to help solve your problems. I do the following types of professional horoscopes:

I also offer free astrological advice, if the client asks me for help in solving a specific life problem.


Cosmogram, as an astonishingly accurate map of the psyche, allows the development of the birth potential of each person. For example, it allows you to identify potential life goals and ways to achieve them. During my astrological practice I participated in numerous trainings and improvement workshops. Moreover I have learned about the different ways of interpreting the birth and partner horoscope, its effects on health, relationships and human relationships, as well as business astrology, humanistic astrology, cabalistic astrology and karmic interactions in the horoscope. I also gained many of my skills while working with clients.

Your benefits

  • you will recognize your own and others’ feelings more easily,
  • you will understand your partner better,
  • you will discover your real motivations,
  • you will increase your life energy,
  • you will find your vocation and the suitable job faster,
  • you will find the right partner and create a satisfying relationship,
  • you will develop your emotional abilities,
  • you will discover the potential of your child,
  • you will consciously prepare for the upcoming events,
  • you will improve the functioning of your business.

In my astrological analyses, firstly I identify the dominant characteristics of character, advantages and disadvantages, potential directions of development, opportunities and risks in different areas of life (feelings, work, family, health), as well as help in choosing the field of study, profession, etc. Moreover, I approach each client individually, help in personal development, in developing emotional intelligence and in better understanding of the surrounging world and other people. Because of various interpersonal relationships, so it is important to analyze the compatibility of characters on different levels. On this basis, I also forecast the harmony and durability of the relationship. Additionally I also help answer the following questions: does the relationship make sense? is the relationship toxic? what should be your dream partner? Etc.

To order a horoscope, please send the following data:

  • type of ordered horoscope;
  • date and place of birth;
  • in the case of a love or relationship horoscope, the birth data both partners;
  • possible questions/problems to which I should refer to in astrological analysis.

As a result of my work you get a thorough astrological analysis (approx. 10 pages A4) which I send to the indicated e-mail address within 3 to 5 days from the date of order.

Feel free to send me your questions, comments or suggestions – I read all emails and would like to help solve your problems. Also write to me if you would like to collaborate with me in a different way.